Yearbook Supplement 1970

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Central Park North 1969 Variety Show

FNHS’s Got Talent: and we showed it at the 1969 Variety Show. Here are some scenes for your enjoyment!

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Class President’s Message

Class President Scott Wenzell’s Message to the Class of 1970

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Message from Principal Cavanagh

Principal Francis J. Cavanagh’s message to the class of 1970

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Yearbook Dedication

Respect is a word associated with Henry A. Schlickman. Like him or not, (and most
do) all who know the man respect him — respect him for his gruff, firm, but guiding
ways, his intelligence, and his way of expressing himself. His ideas are definite food for
thought to be “thoroughly chewed, then completely swallowed in order to be knowledge-
ably digested.”

With Mr. Schlickman at the helm, the senior play attains new and greater heights
each year.

When handed the Marshal Force for the first time, Mr. Schlickman turned it into a
more effective and more respected organization than ever before.

His contribution to the Student Faculty Forum has generated a more vital exchange
of ideas between the students and the faculty at North High.

In his senior English classes Mr. Schlickman hands much of the responsibility to
the student — something which many students never face until college. He shows faith
in a high school level student.

It is for this command of respect, guidance, and faith that we, the class of 1970,
dedicate our yearbook to Mr. Henry A. Schlickman.

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