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Mirror of Your Mind

Mirror of Your Mind

Cover of class poem, class will, believe it or not, and more

Cover of class poem, class will, believe it or not, and more

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  1. Susan (Abbott) Broderick

    You have done such a wonderful job with this website !! It is so fun to look at the photos from our 20th ! Hard to believe that 25 more years have passed since then!

    1. Reunion (Post author)

      Thanks Susan! Time does fly, ehh?

  2. Linda M. Bartkowiak Reed

    This website is awesome, the memories are precious. Will you have another reunion next year? I hope so.
    If anyone goes past the house I was raised in at 403 Water St. Can you please take a pic and email it to me?
    Thanks so much

  3. Sue Leah Morgan

    Never went to a reunion but seeing these pics is awesome. I was one of three Sue White’s in high school. Remember when two of us got into some mischief…all three where called to the Principal’s office. Sue A. always cried. Sue J. was the artist and there’s no way to explain me. I can remember putting tons of little braids all over my head or deliberately wearing a skirt too short. Always was good for going by the teacher we called “buffalo lady” and she’d send me to the Principal. Home Economics became a popular place for me. Could take two class periods at least to sew by hand a strip or several pieces of material on bottom of short skirt before being allowed back in the hallways. Take care everyone!


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