In Memoriam

We celebrate the lives and cherish the memories of classmates we have lost:

Arkerson, Donnie
Brennan, Barry
Cullen, Jane
Desilets, Thomas
Drennan, John
Hickson, Richard
Hurwitz, David
Jaynes, William
Joyce, Frederick
Lajoie, Lorraine
Langley, George
Low, Frank
Maley, Tom
Mancini, Stephen
Mandozzi, John
McNaught, William
McNeil, Paul
Morris, Noel
Morrisey, Joe
Nelson, William (Bill)
Pendergast, Robert
Polley, Jay
Purcell, Debbie
Reilly, Janyce
Riley, Stephen
Tibbert, Eric
Trahar, Donna
Wenzel, Scott
Winer, Jerry
Zaplin, Mark

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  1. Susan Goldstein

    Here’s a more complete list of those deceased:
    Arkerson Donnie
    Brennan Barry
    Cullen Jane
    Hurwitz David
    Jaynes William
    Lajoie Lorraine
    Langley George
    Low Frank
    Maley Tom
    Mancini Stephen
    Mandozzi John
    McNaught William
    Morris Noel
    Morrisey Joe
    Nelson William (Bill)
    Newman Arthur
    Pendergast Robert
    Polley Jay
    Purcell Debbie
    Reilly Janyce
    Riley Stephen
    Trahar Donna
    Wenzel Scott
    Winer Jerry

    1. Reunion (Post author)

      Thank you! Updated list added.

      1. Mona Smith

        I just recently discovery that William (Billy) Jaynes is alive and well in the San Francisco Bay area!

    2. Arthur Wernick

      Arthur Newman is NOT deceased!

      1. Susan Goldstein

        Thanks, Arthur. I’ve made the change on my list. But I don’t have editing ability on this site. See you in Oct.!

    3. Tom Finn

      Sorry I haven’t kept in to$uch I’ve been in the Worcester area for a long time 508-407-8272

  2. Ed Seaholm

    Do we have a list of those teachers we had who have passed away? I know Mr. Fortier and Mr John O’Brien did and I’m sure there must be others.

    1. Reunion (Post author)

      We should compile an In Memoriam list here. Please submit names and any reflections you may have of a favorite teacher.

      1. Susan Goldstein

        I wonder if the school district could help us with that? Anyone in the area able to use the yearbook to get a list of deceased teachers from the Framingham School Department?

      2. Carol Briner Packard

        So sorry to hear about Mr. O’Brien’s passing. I took two history courses from him, and absolutely loved them and him! I felt like of all my FNHS teacher’s, he taught me how to critically think about things I had read. I still remember a question/comment he wrote on one of my papers senior year that was transformation for me!

  3. Lonnie McGrath-Curran

    Mr. Gallagher passed away around 1995. I think he lived in Worcester. I am certain he passed and that it was in the 1990’s, and pretty sure he lived in Worcester. Sorry I don’t have more info.

  4. Frank Komola

    Mr. O’Brien was one of my favorite teachers. One of the main reasons, which might seem trivial to most people, was that he was the first teacher to call me, ” Frank”, instead of Francis . He also had a lot of interesting little mannerisms when he’d walk or talk. He reminded me of Johnny Carson in that way. Great teacher, easy to listen to and take notes from in class


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