FNHS Class of 1970 Alumnus Info Form

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  1. Glenn Bakke

    Sue and I love our families. We also are enjoying our life in Florida. We are very active and have meet plenty of new friends.
    Our daughter is close to us in Orlando with her family.
    Sean lives in Haverhill with his family.

    Sorry we could not make it.. Brian will be there so you will get half of us.

  2. Chuck Schwartz

    Very much looking forward to the reunion. Where did the time go?

  3. Lonnie McGrath-Curran

    Hello to everyone. I was so looking forward to the reunion, but then the Universe had other plans for me and I found myself retiring in July 2015 somewhat unexpectedly. Thankfully I had been planning to retire in Jan 2017 and had already purchased a house in Granada, Nicaragua, so just had to convert my 18 month plan to a 4 month plan. I left the US on Sept 2 2015 and am so excited to be living my dream.

    I would love to hear from all of you and look forward to reading the life surveys to see what everyone has been doing for 45 yrs. I am on FB and can be reached by email. I look forward to hearing from you and perhaps renewing some old friendships.

    Enjoy the reunion!!! My best to all, Lonnie

  4. Lissa (Hurwitz, Lackman) Messing

    The 45th will be the first reunion I’ve attended and I’m looking forward to reuniting with former classmates. I look forward to introducing my wonderful husband of 3 1/2 years, Chuck, to Framingham. I soooo wish that Wallace’s was still there….

  5. John Mills

    Sorry to be missing the reunion which I had hoped to attend. I have a public commitment that weekend. I really have enjoyed reading classmates’ comments and looking at the photos posted thus far. Keep the 1970 Archon out so I can remember faces with the names. Plan to come back to New England when I retire, sometime in the future.

  6. Linda (Bartkowiak) Reed

    115 fishpond lane, Norfork, AR 72658.
    I am so sad that I will be unable to attend this awesome Reunion. As a State Officer for the American Legion I am required to be at regular meetings and find this to be one of those dates. I am very hopeful you will continue to have these year after year, I will put it on the calendar for next year if you intend on having one. Till then, I can be reached at the email listed. May you make memories that last a lifetime.
    Much love to all.


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