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Welcome FNHS Class of 1970

Welcome to our Spartans 1970 FNHS Reunion website! Are you ready? Can you believe it’s been 50 years since graduation 1970? We are gearing up for a spectacular 50th Reunion in September 2020 and hope you will be here. In October 2015 we celebrated our 45th Reunion at La Cantina in Framingham with a huge turnout and great times. Check below for photos of the reunion, the night before, lunch at Famous Pizza, and the morning after brunch at Bella Costa! Be sure to check back often for more updates and news about the big five-oh reunion coming up soon!

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45th Reunion The Main Event: Saturday at La Cantina

We pulled out all the stops! We had a huge turnout, reconnected with old friends, maybe even made some new friends with fellow Spartans we didn’t know well back in high school. A spectacular event!

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45th Reunion Brunch at Famous Pizza

The hangout in Saxonville! Remember Famous? A bunch of us got together for lunch the day of the Reunion.

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45th Reunion Friday Night Meet and Greet

The night before the main event, a lot of us got together for a Meet and Greet! Here are some photos.

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40th Reunion Memories

Nancy and Marcie
Jamie and Robin
Jane and Jim
Jim, Dana, Jane, Chuck, Robin, and Jamie
Lonny and Gerry
Helene, Marsha, and Sue
Dana and Robin
Barb and Alan
Gerry and Steve
Gerry and Nancy
Chuck and Robin
Chuck, Robin and Jamie
Chuck, Barb, and Lonnie
Chris and Jane
Barb and Judi
Drew, Jamie and Robin
Ernie, Mary (Ernie's wife) and Joyce

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35th Reunion Memories

Tom D
Sue and Gerry
Nancy and Sheila
Wayne, Steve and Robin
Marc and Barbara
Maida and Nancy
Larry's Gift to Jim
Judi, Sue, Janie, and Joy
Joy and Carol
Jim, Jamie and Janie
Jim and Joy
Jim and Jamie
Jamie, Larry and Lisa
Jamie and Janie
Gerry and Dana
Gary and Alan
Don and Jim
Carol and Jim
Bob Page and wife
Barbara, Sue and Joy

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1970 Graduation Program

Remember the day, June 5, 1970? As I recall it was hot and sunny at Bowditch Field. Here’s the program from our graduation; just click on the thumbnails for full image.



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